Internal rules of 24/7 Office

Internal rules of the HammerHub office hotel

Approved on 1st August 2017.

Internal rules of the HammerHub are enforceable to all lessees and lessees’ clients.

Lessee is responsible for the lessee’s client if the client cannot be held liable.

1. 24/7 Office coworking space (hereinafter referred to as 24/7 Office or Lessor) is open on weekdays from 07:00 to 21:00. The HammerHub building’s head door is opened and closed by the building’s automation during the above-mentioned hours.

2. The use of hot desks and office services is based on the first come first served principle and the meeting rooms must be booked through the booking system in advance.

3. 24/7 Office`s rooms are open for use for contracted users on weekends and public holidays. Use of premises, including entry into the building and premises takes place via an electronic passage system under the personal liability of each lessee.

4. 24/7 Office’s rooms are used only for the purpose of office or training rooms. Kitchen is used to prepare food, eat and hold smaller meetings.

5. Being at the 24/7 Office during night time is only allowed for the purpose of working, i.e. using premises as office.

6. Lessee does not have the right to permit or leave third parties alone to the rooms of the 24/7 Office without the presence of the lessor.

7. Daily use of working spaces is based on the principle that other users, lessees or customers are not be disturbed (including the use of the Public address system). If necessary, callboxes, meeting rooms, etc. should be used to ensure a peaceful and quiet working environment for other users.

8. Meeting rooms must be booked in advance before the meeting in the respective online system and reservations must be adhered to at a minute, whereby new, timely arrived meeting attendee has a privilege to use the meeting room.

9. The reserved conference room should be freed from the booking ASAP in case it turns out that the meeting is cancelled. In the event of a violation of the booking system, the violating party undertakes to pay the lessor a contractual penalty of 25 euros each time. After using the meeting room, it must be tidied up for the next meeting (chairs must be put back to their places and dirty dishes must be cleaned up).

10. Wishes to organize events or bigger meetings shall be communicated to the head of 24/7 Office at least two weeks before the start of the event.

11. Special activities or activities outside of the normal use in 24/7 Office`s rooms must be agreed upon with the head of HammerHub.

12. Lessees and lessees’ customers are prohibited from smoking in the rooms and on the premises of 24/7 Office, except in a specially designed place.

13. Lessees and lessees’ clients are prohibited from being in 24/7 Office rooms in a perceptible state of alcohol or drug intoxication.

14. Allowing pets at 24/7 Office is only allowed with the prior consent of the head of 24/7 Office.

15. For the servicing of lessees and customers, 24/7 Office`s Nõmme coworking space has provided a reasonable amount of A4 and A3 printers and paper, and coffee, tea and water.

16. Two separate WIFI connections have been established for the servicing of lessees and their customers, one for contractual users and one for clients.

17. Downloading web content and uploading content to the web is done under the personal liability of the lessee.

18. HammerHub’s lessees and their clients must act in good behavior, keep cleanliness and order, and use the property of the lessor prudently.

19. Dirty dishes shall be placed in the dishwasher or washed by hand.

20. The lessor has the right to request rent for the use of its rooms and inventory in accordance with the lease contracts, the main conditions of the lease contract and the price list.

21. The inventory and tools needed for work can be used by agreement of the parties in capacity agreed in the lease contract.

22. In case of causing any damage to the inventory or finish during any activity, the customer is required to compensate the HummerHub for the damage.

23. In case of damaging the Inventory, the lessor has the right to demand compensation for the damage caused in full.

24. Moving or adding furniture to 24/7 Office shall be coordinated with the head of coworking space.

25. Lessees are allowed to stick their company stickers made from white milky film on the glass inner walls of the 24/7 Office between 90 cm and 190 cm from the bottom edge of the glass, leaving a minimum of 10 cm between your company and the 24/7 Office logo, and coordinating it with the board of HammerHub OÜ, giving a clearer picture of the sticker and its position.

26. The temperature and indoor climate of the 24/7 Office rooms are set by the lessor.

27. Parking at the yard of and on the street is resolved by the markings on the road surface and traffic signs.

28. In case of failure to comply with the internal rules, 24/7 Office has the right to cancel the lessee’s rights of passage without refunding money and take the lessee’s visiting rights at 24/7 Office.

29. In case of problems, inform team of 24/7 Office immediately.